Contest: CLGE European students’ Contest – CLGE

In cooperation with the GSA (the European GNSS Agency) CLGE has launched the eight edition of the CLGE European Students’ Contest for the current academic year i.e. 2018 – 2019

If you’re a student or young surveyor we engage you to take part!
If you’re a professional or a teacher: Please spread the word and motivate youngsters to take part in the contest.


The prizes are €1000,- per winner or winning team and the participation in the Stuttgart INTERGEO. But the most interesting aspect of the contest is to take part in a European event and maybe to get a prize.

This year, students can submit papers in five categories:

– Geodesy, Topography
– Galileo, EGNOS, Copernicus (or a combination of two or the three subjects)
– GIS, Mapping
– Cadastre and Property Surveying
– Students and youngsters engagement*
*this category is also open for Young Surveyors (as defined by FIG i.e. 35 years or younger or registered as surveyor since less than 10 years).

For a valid participation papers have to be sent in English till 29th July 2019, 23.00 CET, following the guidelines below.

Please notice that in all five categories group works are allowed but in case of a winning group, the prize will have to be shared.

The first four categories are straightforward and are not explained in more detail. Please notice that the second category encourages research in the field of practical applications of the European efforts in Galileo, EGNOS and Copernicus. The work can focus on one of these topics or a combination of two or even the three topics.

For the time being this academic part of the contest, i.e. these four first categories, is restricted to bachelor and master students. PhD students are not allowed. CLGE is still considering to open a new category for this kind of participants. However, PhD students are of course allowed to take part with their bachelor or master thesis if it matches the other requirements hereafter.

The papers may of course be an abridged version of vaster personal and original work, referring to the full version for further details. This work should have been conducted in between 2015 – 2019.

Guidelines for papers
The full paper should not exceed 4000 words, including an abstract of 300 words. The language must be English. The paper should describe the students’ / young surveyors’ work, findings and conclusions. When submitted to the CLGE students’ contest, we will have the right to publish the paper on CLGE’s website and in magazines.

The papers have to be submitted before 29 July 2019, 23.00 CET to the following address:

[please carbon copy: and]

Candidates will receive an acknowledgment of receipt. If this is not a case after 10 working days, they have to send the paper again or contact +32/475/45.39.90. If they did not get a receipt, it’s probable that the paper was lost and that it will not be taken into consideration, thus please do insist.

Additional information

For any questions, please contact: and

For more information:


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