Internship/Graduation project: Be part of the next generation of energy – Novasole

How do we ensure there is always sufficient energy at hand for all to use? How can we keep electric cars moving? Are these valid questions to you, and are you convinced that solar energy is the power of the future? If you would like to be part of the “next generation energy”, then please get in touch!

At Novasole we are working hard to accelerate the transition to sustainable and renewable energy. We are doing so by making the switch to solar energy simple, reliable and transparent with our Quickr software tool.
Our plans are ambitious: we aim to develop multiple new and revolutionary software tools in the next year, while growing our company internationally at the same time. Because of our growth plans we are looking for students for the upcoming period (February 2020 – July 2020)
who can help us develop new software features (3 different graduation assignments).

Method of working
We work with a bi-weekly Sprint schedule. During a Sprint meeting, the main issues are discussed with the entire development team and the planning for the next two weeks is updated. We work with .NET Core, MSSQL, Entity Framework and AngularJS / JavaScript. We work with structure SCRUM in Azure DevOps; Company Culture. We are a fast-growing organization, continuously trying to innovate and develop new products.
We like to challenge ourselves and each other and enjoy exploring uncharted territory. We value personal development highly.

As mentioned above, we are offering three different assignments:

  • Development of an algorithm that recognizes objects such as solar panels, drainpipes, windows and skylights on roofs and facades by analysing aerial- and street view photos;
  • Development of an algorithm that improves the quality of roof and facade surfaces through the combination of point clouds from stereo images, laser data and through the recognition of objects from the aforementioned assignment;
  • Our current system uses weather models to calculate the amount of energy produced by solar systems. You will design and implement an intricate system that is able to monitor and validate the accuracy of these predictions.

What we offer:

  • A unique opportunity to work on one of the most important topics of this century: “accelerating the energy transition towards renewable energy and making sustainable energy available for current and future generations”
  • A competitive salary;
  • Flexible working hours (from home or in our cool multi-tenant office building)
  • Possibility to continue working with us after your internship.

About us
Novasole facilitates its customers in the transition to solar energy by offering easily accessible, reliable and flexible solar software. Our software eliminates boringly long and expensive processes and shows the possible savings and profits of solar energy in a few clicks. Are you tired of developing boring software that nobody uses, and do you want to become part of “the next generation”? Grab this opportunity now and get in touch with us!

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