Conference: Hidden Geographies – Ljubljana

Hidden geographies in a very broad sense refer to ways of spatial arrangements of natural or cultural, real or imagined features, relations or processes in a landscape that are hidden in any possible meaning, such as (so far) not visible, unseen, kept out of sight, concealed, disguised, masked, unrevealed, also unperceived or unknown. They are hidden to majority or to individuals, to science, to public or maybe to certain social groups. Hiding may be deliberate, e.g. to protect (natural environment, privacy, human rights) or to gain (economic, political) advantage. However, the majority of geographies remain hidden due to lack of information or lack of knowledge how to deal with them. Geography, cartography, remote sensing, geoinformatics and other disciplines focusing on spatial aspects of the nature and societies, supported by the ubiquity of the ICT, and enormous quantities of available spatially positioned quantitative as well as qualitative data reveal, or at least assess enormous amounts of (so far) hidden geographies, which leads to a growing need to adequately select, interpret, model and relate this information to the existing knowledge. Hidden geographies are everywhere, and many have substantial impacts on (other) natural and social processes, which consequently trigger changes, for example in the landscape, economy, culture, health or quality of life.

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Join us in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 29 to 31 August 2019 at the EUROGEO 2019 Annual Conference Hidden Geographies. The conference will be part of the activities dedicated to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the University of Ljubljana and the Department of Geography. Under the auspices of the conference Ilešič’s Days, a professional meeting of geography teachers, will also take place. The conference will provide the opportunities to discuss the origins and consequences of the daily expanding complex world of hidden geographies, the awareness of them, their perception, understanding, interpretation and use in research, education, policy-making, management or everyday life. You are invited to contribute to any of the aspects of our discussion on this special and overlooked view on the geography, including:

  • Hidden geographies in any spatial scale
  • Hidden geographies in theories and practices in academic discourse
  • Ethical, political and legal aspects of hidden geography
  • Hidden geographies in education

We invite you to propose papers, posters or workshops on any topic rated to hidden geographies. Selected papers, resulting from the presentations at the conference, will be published in a thematic issue of the European journal of geography after the conference.

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