Elective course – GIS applied in various domains

GIS applied in various domains

Geographic information system (GIS) applications, with specialised topics related to current societal and environmental issues
Course description

The goal of this course is to provide students with GIS applications to society and environmental issues. GIS sectors and labor market and possible career paths in this field will be addressed. Students will make a choice from 8 topics. All topics are shortly introduced during the contact week. In April 2019 the contact week will be in Florence. The contact week is followed by two months of e-learning. The GIS application domains, offered as e-learning modules, are:

  1.     Sustainable development
  2.     Sustainable environment
  3.     Land administration
  4.     Architecture & built environment/ nD-modelling
  5.     Sustainable agriculture, farming and forestry
  6.     Sustainable rural development
  7.     Smart cities & urban social issues
  8.     Climate change & renewable energy sources

Learning objectives
This course is meant for MSc students interested in applying GIS (Geographic Information System) to a selection of current societal and environmental issues. Because of the combination of knowledge domains as taught by the four European universities, this course offers a broad overview of what is possible in GIS and Geomatics. It is therefore an opportunity for those who aim to enhance their careers learning GIS and Geomatics background and skills.

Obligatory pre-knowledge:
GIS Basics

Course type
Lectures and workshops, e-learning

Number of participants
A maximum of 10 students will be selected to attend contact week (together with 30 students from our partner universities: Lisbon, Glasgow, and Florence), which is one week of lectures and workshops. This is followed by two months of e-learning, which is open for all students.

Course load
One contact week (full time), followed by e-leaning (two months part time, April-June) and a test on location. There are 8 application domains to choose from.

Each application domain takes 28 hours, a minimum of 4 application domains is required to get the 4 EC credits. The contact week is obligatory.

Courses, dates and times
One contact week in Florence in 8-12 April 2019, two months e-learning (April – June 2019).

Name of lecturer(s)/coach(es)
Peter van Oosterom / Marian de Vries (Land administration), Martijn Meijers / Edward Verbree (Architecture & built environment/ nD-modelling), other application domains by partners

Teaching method
Blended learning: lectures, lab assignments, GIS project, tests, exam, workshops and e-learning

Cost price of course material
The travel costs to Florence in April for 10 students will be funded by the Geonatura project (within reasonable limits for flight and hostel/hotel costs).

How to enroll
Please send an email no later than 1 March 2019 with your name, mail address, MSc programma (e.g. GIMA or Geomatics) to abe@tudelft.nl (first come, first serve basis). For Geomatics students, this course can be registered as elective course, necessary for the second year of the MSc program.

Additional Information
The Geonatura project is an “Open Educational Resources platform for Geomatics applications to social and environmental issues”. The purpose is to provide e-learning and training to Higher Education students on GIS and Geomatics from the four countries involved in the partnership by their universities (universities of Glasgow, Delft, Florence, Lisbon NOVA). Participants will have the following benefits:

  • A 6-day travel to Italy and stay in Florence, meeting students of the other 3 countries, and having workshops at University of Florence
  • Followed by 2-month training through e-learning, monitored by the staff of their own university

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