PHD POSITION – Applied Urban Analytics and Informatics at the Division of Urban Design and Planning – Chalmers University of Technology

Description from Chalmers University:

We invite applications for a PhD position in Applied Urban Analytics and Informatics at the Division of Urban Design and Planning. The work will involve developing new models, quantitative methods, and tools to support urban design and planning practice towards liveable cities and sustainable urban regions. Drawing from the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the research will address issues of sustainable mobility and accessibility, social equity, environmental performance, or energy transition, focusing on one of the following topics:

  • multi-modal mobility network modelling, analysis and visualisation;
  • comprehensive city data models for City Information Modelling;
  • tackling complex urban problems with spatial decision support systems for the planning process, involving stakeholders.


To pursue these topics we are looking for a highly motivated individual with prior experience of spatial data analysis of urban environments in GIS; data processing, statistical analysis and visualisation; and ideally with some experience of programming in one (or more) of Python, SQL, R, javascript. The work will run under an open science ethos involving the use of and contribution to open data, open software, open standards, and open access. Experience with open source GIS software, geodatabases  and/or geoweb development is a plus.

  • Application deadline: 25 November, 2018

The position is together with Jorge Gil, a former Delft Geomatics colleague.

More information:


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