ESRI Young Scholar Award 2018 – Send in your StoryMap

ESRI Young Scholar Award 2018 – Send in your StoryMap


ESRI asked TU Delft for their students to send in a StoryMap. This request was originally in Dutch, so this post is freely translated into English.

The winner of the Netherlands will receive a certificate and the special ESRI Young Scholars Award. You will receive this award and certificate during the ESRI International User Conference in San Diego (9-13th of July 2018). ESRI will provide your travels and accommodation during this trip.

Are you interested to participate? ESRI would like to receive your StoryMap and the description of your StoryMap before Friday 6th of April, 2018. Submission goes through the registration form. (unfortunately this is in Dutch)

The StoryMap should relate to a social issue or a research and consist of beautiful/appealing visualizations. If this map is part of an internship or project a description can be added.

Criteria of the map
What is important?

  • The StoryMap should have an appealing design and look clean.
  • The StoryMap should have a mix of content. (text, photos, videos and potentially audio)
  • The StoryMap should be understandable and communicate the content in a clear manner.
  • The StoryMap should relate to a social issue or research.
  • The winning StoryMap has to be developed on a poster.

Check out the ESRI StoryMaps-website for some inspiration.

Four specific criteria:

  1. Your StoryMap has to be created in one of the ESRI StoryMap-templates. (the template can be adjusted to own preferences)
  2. You can only submit one StoryMap per person.
  3. It’s an individual competition, the StoryMap should thus be made by one person.
  4. You are part of the initial Dutch education system.
Deadline submission: Friday 6st of April, 2018

For questions you can contact

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