P5 Thesis presentations MSc Geomatics

P5 Thesis presentations MSc Geomatics

Starting this Friday four students of the MSc programme will give their P5 presentations and graduate with us, we wish them all the best of luck in their future!

Underneath an overview of the presentation times, locations and subjects. More information about the topics can be found on this blog, the abstracts are already posted or will be posted soon. Feel free to attend one or more of these presentations.

Friday 3th of November

15:15 -Oscar Timothy Willems BK-CZ Q
Exploring a pure landmark-based approach for indoor localisation

Monday 6th of November

13:45 – Jan ten Kate BK-CZ C
Predicting noise nuisance from outdoor music events in the built environment

Thursday 9th of November

13:30 – Matthijs Bon BK-CZ P
An advanced prospecting method for assessing the quantity of underground metal cables urban mines

Friday 10th of November

10:15 – Jade Haayen BK-CZ B
Towards an integrated standards based information model for 1D time series data within the water sector 




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