Earth and Space Science Informatics session

Earth and Space Science Informatics session at the 2017 Fall AGU Meeting (December 11-15 in New Orleans, LA)

IN044 Near Real Time/Low Latency Data for Earth Science and Space Weather Applications 


Near real time data from satellite, airborne (including UAVs), and surface sensors are transforming existing end-user applications and spawning new ones. These applications demonstrate the utility of timely data in diverse Earth and space science disciplines including weather prediction, natural hazards, invasive species, agriculture, homeland security, oceanic, and space weather applications. In addition to traditional computer analyses, the use of apps for smartphones and tablet computers presents an opportunity to improve and expand the timely usage of data products and services. This session seeks contributions that demonstrate the benefit of near real time/low latency scientific or social media data and identify gaps in current capabilities.

We held this session last year and it was one of the top sessions within the Earth Science Informatics (IN) track in 2016 and we anticipate it to be just as popular this year.   This session is cross-listed with Atmospheric Sciences (A), Natural Hazards (NH), SPA Solar and Heliospheric Physics (SH), and Ocean Sciences (OS).  We expect considerable and diverse interest in the topic and we’re looking forward to an enjoyable and informative session.

We encourage you to contribute to our discussion on near real time and low latency data for Earth science and space weather applications.

Index Terms
3360 Remote sensing [ATMOSPHERIC PROCESSES]
4262 Ocean observing systems [OCEANOGRAPHY]
4337 Remote sensing and disasters [NATURAL HAZARDS]
7924 Forecasting [SPACE WEATHER]

Please note the abstract deadline is Wednesday, 2 August 2017, so please plan accordingly and submit your abstract soon.  The first author must be an AGU member. To submit an abstract please following this link
If you are not an AGU member, you can join at

Visit the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting website for the most up-to-date information about the Fall Meeting. Note: registration and housing will open in mid-August.

Authors will be informed in September regarding the date and format (oral or poster) of their presentation.

Here is the link to all AGU sessions



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