P5 Thesis presentations MSc Geomatics

P5 Thesis presentations MSc Geomatics

Starting this Thursday five students of the MSc programme will give their P5 presentations and graduate with us, we wish them all the best of luck in their future!

Underneath an overview of the presentation times, locations and subjects. Feel free to attend one or more of these presentations.

Thursday 29th of June

9:00 – Yueqian Xu BK-CZ C
Construction of Responsive Web Service for Smooth Rendering of Large SSC Dataset

Monday 3th of July

10:30 – Maya Tryfona BK-CZ C
Bidirectional enrichment of CityGML and Multi-View Stereo Mesh models

10:45 – Birgit Ligtvoet BK-CZ P
Crowdsensing as a tool for up-to-date road asset distress detection

Wednesday 5th of July

16:45 – Bart Staats BK-CZ C
Identification of walkable space in a voxel model, derived from a point cloud and its corresponding trajectory

Thursday 6th of July

13:45 – Yuxuan Kang BK-CZ E
Straightening and simplifying a multi-view stereo mesh of a city



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