Geodesign Summit Europe | 23-24 November 2017 Amsterdam

Geodesign Summit Europe | 23-24 November 2017 Amsterdam

The last four years the Geodesign Summit Europe have been held at the Geofort (2013), Delft (2014), Salzburg (2015) and Delft (2016). All participants can attest how these events enabled the Geodesign field to continue to take shape, facilitate the community to grow and share and discuss our latest developments. This year the Geodesign Summit Europe is being held in conjunction with the GeoBIM Europe conference and it is our pleasure to invite you to the first Geo|Design+BIM conference on 23-24 November in Amsterdam.

The integration recognizes the importance of the geodesign community to engage in discussion with site construction and maintenance professionals in achieving efficient and sustainable changes to our cities and infrastructure taking into consideration complete life cycles. BIM has evolved into the concept and language that enables information exchange regarding the planning, building, efficient exploitation, maintenance and disposal/reuse of the manmade environment and it is vital that all involved stakeholder find ways to integrate knowledge and speak the same language.


GEO| Design + BIM will be a one of its kind event in Europe, highlighting and initiating discussions related to the use of geospatial data analytics and 3D modeling in spatial design, construction, operation and maintenance. The event is a combination of two innovative platforms: GeoDesign Summit Europe and GeoBIM Europe, which have been organized separately in the past years. Understanding the relevance and importance of bringing the geospatial analytics, spatial planning, architecture, engineering, construction and operation/maintenance professionals together in one platform, a combined effort has been initiated, giving birth to this exciting integrated event.



The world evolves and changes. Technology has shaped our cities and will reshape them again. In the next few decades, the amount of urban dwellers will double in number, accounting for nearly three-quarters of world’s population. More than 60 percent of the built environment needed to accommodate these new urban dwellers has yet to be built. We face a growing demand for higher performing infrastructure, greater global competition, expectations for sustainability, rising costs and an increasing focus among owners to maximize the return on their investment. To meet these challenges, we have to create solutions for complex spatial issues, which are beyond the scope of any one individual person, discipline or method.

It is up to us to bridge the gap between disciplines. Recent technological developments facilitate us to do so. 3D modeling, use of IoT technology in geospatial analytics and the introduction of new devices improve collaboration, efficiency and performance in planning and design phase, during construction, in post-build savings and for ongoing operational management. The power of geospatial analytics has an impact far beyond the traditional usage of geo-data. It has the ability to envision the superimposed effects of different processes and to predict future implications. We can evaluate and account for long-term impacts of our actions on our communities, our environment, our society. Top of the range visualization and discussion tools help creating mutual understanding between different disciplines and different stakeholders. Integrated Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Building Information Models (BIM), resulting from sound Geodesign processes, hold crucial value from one phase to the next, becoming more and more important as it goes across stakeholders, domains and disciplines. The knowledge how to put geospatial data to smart use forms the backbone that frames the different tools and collaboration of various stakeholders.


The Call for Papers is now open. Please submit your abstract/short paper before 30 June 2017. Full details are available here.


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