2nd FIWARE Summit 29-31 May Utrecht, Netherlands Media Plaza | Jaarbeurs

2nd FIWARE Summit
29-31 May
Utrecht, Netherlands
Media Plaza | Jaarbeurs

For more information visit the websit of FIWARE Summit.


The 1st FIWARE Summit in Malaga was a great success for the whole community. For the 2nd FIWARE Summit we are looking forward to offer an even better experience for the community members. Everyone willing to be a part of FIWARE will find the perfect chance to be joining our global ecosystem. And now, by joining the FIWARE Foundation, you will contribute to make our voice stronger.

Together, we build FIWARE!


The first Summit kicked off a new stage for our Community, stablishing new links and partnerships between our stakeholders, reinforcing alliances and strengthening cooperation, putting new initiatives in place.

Now, we are stronger, broader and more market-oriented. And we are determined to keep moving forward, growing global.

In this second FIWARE Summit we will be working together, driving the adoption of our open source standards, enabling the development of innovative digital products and bringing new business opportunities for all kind of organisations across the globe, laying the foundation of the New Digital Economy.


Our open community keeps growing, both in number and diversity of contributors. Our main asset is the collaboration, the commitment and hard labor of the FIWARE Community members. The Summit will comprise working meetings of the members of the community, where they will coordinate their present and future activities, with the support of the FIWARE Foundation. Don’t miss out and learn how the FIWARE Community works, following an open and transparent process based on merit.


Following the spirit of the 1st Summit, the event in Utrecht will gather the experts that are building the core components of FIWARE. They will run a full day of Developers’s primer and many how-to-sessions. The aim is to help learning all that is needed to create innovative smart solutions using our open source technology. We will review and deploy it together, understanding the benefits that using FIWARE can bring: to ease the creation of a new digital product, to improve and to connect it with other technologies and solutions. Don’t miss the opportunity to start your certification as a FIWARE developer!


FIWARE was designed with a global ambition, to help developing the smart solutions of the Future, creating new business models upon the technology. It has been presenting the building blocks to create a Digital Single Market, enabling portability and interoperability of solutions cross-domain and across borders. Now, the fulfillment of the FIWARE Mission points directly to the market: with programmes and actions like the FIWARE Marketplace, FIWARE Accelerator, iHubs and Mundus, and with partnerships driving the worldwide adoption of the FIWARE standards, it is the time to join in and profit from what FIWARE is bringing to you!


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