Geomatics Day June 23 2017 – concept programme ready!


Geomatics Day 2017 : Point Clouds & Internet of Things

Geomatics is an innovative and rapidly developing field. High-quality, accurate and reliable 3D representations of our built environment are essential for modelling performance and other computational contests. Big data offers new challenges for urging academic, commercial and societal issues. Developments like Internet of Things to sensor the built environment and to monitor devices and valuable equipment inside facilities result in huge datasets. Autonomous cars and drones require integration of sensors and accurate and real-time environmental data. Geomatics covers all aspects from sensoring to storage, from data quality to privacy and from analysis and visualisation to application.
Geomatics Day gives you the opportunity to meet students, alumni and other Geo-information professionals and to explore together how Geomatics can contribute to better understand and shape the Built Environment. An afternoon full of varied presentations, spectacular demos and interesting network opportunities!

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12.30 – 13.00 Welcome with lunch

13.00 – 14.30 Point Cloud Collection, Construction and Applications

  • Keynote : Visiting Professor Thomas H. Kolbe, TU Munich
  • Cyclomedia : Bart Beers
  • Fugro: Martin Kodde
  • Tensing : Tom Broersen
  • ESRI : Niels van der Vaart
  • GEOS : Geomatics Study Association

14.30 – 15.30 Networking break with various stands and demos

  • Energy Networks (Alliander) – BLE tracking (CGI) – Point Clouds construction (Cyclomedia) – Point Clouds Collection (Fugro)– ZEB Revo (Geometius) – Sensor Networks (Sweco)  Geoinformation Apps (Tensing) – Secondment (Voort) – Drone2Map (ESRI) – Student Association (GEOS)

15.30 – 17.00 Internet of Things & Smart City Modelling

  • Alliander : Peter de Koning
  • CGI : Robert Voûte
  • Sweco : Rosann Aarsen
  • Sping Smart : Sabine de Milliano
  • TNO : Leon van Berlo
  • Geomatics Synthesis Project 2017
  • Closing

17.00 – 18.30 Drinks

Stefan van der Spek, Programme Director Geomatics for the Built Environment

Geomatics Day 2017 is sponsored by Alliander, CGI, Cyclomedia, Fugro, Geometius, Sweco, Tensing and Voort.

Register for free at :
TU Delft:

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