VACANCY Post-doc LDE-BOLDCities, Leiden/Delft/Erasmus

VACANCY Post-doc LDE-BOLDCities, Leiden/Delft/Erasmus

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VACANCY Post-doc LDE-BOLDCities, 1 year – 0,8-1,0 FTE

Research theme
The value of data analytics for urban decision-making.

Research question
How can particular methods and tooling for urban big data analytics be used to support urban decision-makers?

In cities, there is a growing volume of data being continuously produced. In search for better-informed decisions by urban stakeholders, there is a natural tendency to collect, process and analyse these data by transforming them into information and actionable insights. However, this process is technology and knowledge intensive – requiring not readily available technology, knowledge and competences – and time consuming and therefore often expensive, especially when considered in relation to the value created. The key question in practice that inspires this research is therefore: Will the value of the insights generated outweigh the investments needed to develop those insights?

Research aim
This research aims to develop a framework to support urban decision-makers to determine the appropriate level or form of data analytics capability on urban decisions. This framework includes the process, the method, the tooling and the skills required from the users to analyse big data and the transformation of these into insights and information needed for generating actionable insights.

The activities of the postdoc during the one-year appointment will be twofold:

  • Developing a framework for urban data analytics capability, and
  • Developing research proposals to apply for funding to implement,, test and improve this framework.

Both activities will be carried out under supervision of prof. Ellen van Bueren and prof. Geert-Jan Houben, when appropriate in collaboration with other researchers from Delft University of Technology and LDE-BOLD Cities. In addition, the post-doc will collaborate with the LDE-BOLD Cities team to further develop the centre’s research agenda.


  • Finished PhD in a relevant area of technology
  • Proven experience in relevant fields (urban big data, data analytics, modeling)
  • Willingness and affinity to work in a multi-disciplinary environment
  • Excellent communication skills

More information on BOLD Cities: Applicants should send their CV and motivation letter to Dr. Alexander Koutamanis

Deadline for application: March 1, 2017.
Starting date: a.s.a.p.

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