Guest Lecture: Visiting PhD-researcher Nives Grasso

Visiting PhD-researcher Nives Grasso will give a presentation February 7th

Nives Grasso is a PhD-researcher at the Politechnico di Torino, Italy. She will be a guest of the section GIS-technology for the coming four month.

She would like to be introduced at the coming Indoor-lab, February 7th, 15.00-16.30. She will give a short presentation about her research. Her supervisor, Marco Piras, will also attend this meeting. The lecture will take place at the faculty of Architecture (BK) at BG.West.270.

“Development of an automatic procedure to perform analysis on the road infrastructures – extension to the indoor case:  The research will be focused on the segmentation and classification of the point clouds of urban environments for the automatic reconstruction of road sections and detection of permanent and temporary objects which could obstruct the visibility along the roadside or which may represent a danger to the categories of the most disadvantaged users such as people with disabilities and pedestrians, at entrances of pedestrian paths or intersections between road and pedestrian routes, or for cyclists, along the cycle paths. Will be evaluated the possibility to structure and segment the point cloud using the octree structures or the voxel approach and, later, will be investigated an algorithm that can identify the obstructions to visibility or elements that may affect the users safety.
This approach could be, as well, extended to the indoor case, for example, for the evaluation of the safety inside the public buildings.”


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