8th of December 2016: Geomatics Open Lecture – Essensium and BlooLoc

8th of December 2016: Geomatics Open Lecture – Essensium and BlooLoc

Real-time localisation based on Bluetooth signals.

As a part of the course GEO1003 Positioning and Location Awareness there will be an open lecture the 8th of December 2016. Dirk Devisch (Essensium) and Dirk Callaerts (BlooLoc) will give a lecture about their companies view (methods and techniques) on real-time localisation (RTLS). They will give an insight in the possibilities and challenges of RTLS of humans and other moving objects in the build environment based on Bluetooth signals.

The lecture will take place in room T at the faculty of Architecture (building 8) from 10:45 until 12:30 (with a lot of questions it may continue until 13:30).

Essensium is a Belgian high tech company in full expansion, rooted in an R&D environment, with a unique expertise resulting in a revolutionary positioning product enabling accurate traceability of assets and people via our own wireless sensors. The company was founded in 2005 as a spinoff from the IMEC, and has focused on designing and developing products (Hardware and Software) for Wireless Sensor Networks.

BlooLoc was founded by technology entrepreneurs Dirk Callaerts, Koen Deforche and Wim Dumon. They identified a need for various location-aware indoor applications in multiple markets.
BlooLoc’s unique technology originates from a multi-year R&D project at one of the world’s largest telecom equipment vendors that aimed at solving the key challenge of Indoor Localization: How to achieve accurate results in spite of Non-Line-Of-Sight and multipath fading conditions, using standard RF signals only.
BlooLoc’s investments in the improvement and productization of its technology resulted in a system, called yooBee, that achieves accurate and reliable indoor localization at a price point that enables wide scale deployments and finally makes location-aware applications mainstream.


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