P5 presentations MSc Geomatics

Starting today eight students of the MSc programme will give their P5 presentations and graduate with us, we wish them all the best of luck in their future!

Underneath an overview of the presentation times, locations and subjects. Feel free to attend one or more of these presentations.

4th of November 2016:

9:15 Merwin Rook BK-CZ P
Automatic thematic and semantic classification of 3D city models.
15:45 Irene de Vreede BK-IZ U
Managing Historic Automatic Identification System data by using a proper Database Management System structure.

7th of November 2016:

9:15 Anna-Maria Ntarladima BK-IZ R
Modelling the Atmospheric Urban Heat Island and its Contributing Spatial Characteristics. The Case of The Hague, the Netherlands.
10:45 Erik Heeres BK-CZ E
Exploring the 3D BAG: How to define it and to which extend can it automatically be created using open data.
13:45 Matthijs Kastelijns BK-CZ E
Making sense of standards: An evaluation and harmonisation of standards in the Sensor Web.

8th of November 2016:

13:45 Martijn Koopman BK-CZ C
3D Path-finding in a voxelized model of an indoor environment.
15:00 Stella Psomadaki BK-CZ F
Using a Space Filling Curve for the Management of Dynamic Point Cloud Data in a Relational DBMS.

11th of November 2016:

13:45 Adrie Rovers BK-CZ B
Exploring the use of a generic spatial access method for caching and efficient retrieval of vario-scale data in a client-server architecture.

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