P5 Presentation by Martijn Koopman – 3D Path-finding in a voxelized model of an indoor environment

3D Path-finding in a voxelized model of an indoor environment

P5 presentation: Tuesday 8th of november 2016, 13:45 BK-CZ C


Indoor environments can be complex and need to be represented by a 3D representation. This is especially important for 3D path-finding. 3D features of the environment can have an effect on the computed path and these features can not be represented correctly in a 2D representation.

A voxelized model is a good 3D representation that supports path-finding. It is a geometrical and topological model and it is easy to incorporate semantics. It is also fairly easy to incorporate the dimensions of the actor.

This thesis presents a new path-finding method that operates on a voxelized model and supports different kinds of actors. Distinction is made between actors by their size and mode of locomotion. Supported modes of locomotion are walking, driving and flying. A hierarchical data structure is used to reduce the time complexity of the path-finding problem.

The results indicate that the path-finding method in its current state operates well for walking and driving actors, but not (yet) for flying actors.

1st mentor: dr. dipl.-ing. Sisi Zlatanova
2nd mentor: dr. ir. Ben Gorte
Delegate board: dipl.-ing. Ulf Hackauf
Co-reader: ir. Edward Verbree



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