Guest professor 2016/2017 Thomas H. Kolbe

Thomas H. Kolbe is visiting professor 2016/2017. During the first week of the academic year he gave several lectures, including a public lecture about Smart Cities. Later this academic year he’ll be back for more lectures.

Urban Information Modeling for Smart Cities

Smart Cities is a concept describing the massive use of information and communication technology for the better management and planning of urban life. Most approaches to Smart Cities have the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and big data analytics at their core. However, they do not take explicitly into account the physical reality of the built environment so far. Nowadays, municipalities use semantic 3D city models and BIM to describe and visualize the urban structures like buildings, streets, bridges, and the utility infrastructures. Nevertheless, these 3D models are not integrated with Smart City developments yet.

This presentation will show how semantic 3D city models can be used as an information backbone for smart cities. It is shown how simulations from different application fields like strategic energy planning, vulnerability assessment, and noise propagation simulation are operating on the same city model. Furthermore, it is explained how the so far static city models are being extended by dynamic data coming from sensors and simulations. This will be demonstrated with examples from a big European project called “Smart Sustainable Districts“ on urban developments in London, Paris, and Berlin.


Besides the public lecture he also spoke on the introduction seminar of the Msc Geomatics. This lecture was recorded by Collegerama and can be watched by clicking on the link underneath:

Link to collegerama lecture Thomas H Kolbe


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