PhD position @ University of Melbourne

PhD students wanted at the University of Melbourne to work on topics related to computational urban GIScience.

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD at the University of Melbourne and:

  • have a desire to contribute to the broader research field of GIScience, researching in particular COMPUTATIONAL METHODS TO ANALYSE URBAN ENVIRONMENTS;
  • are motivated by an interest in understanding how humans interact in, and with, their environment.
  • see yourself contributing new methods for the analysis of large spatial networks, for the understanding of mobility in cities and indoor spaces, or methods enabling a systematic investigation of the morphology of cities;
  • are either keen to explore and test hypotheses on large datasets computationally, or to develop theories and formal methods, or you may be interested in the validation of analytical research using diverse experimental approaches, for instance through subject testing;
  • are a highly motivated, creative thinker passionate about space and science, and have a desire to develop a research career;
  • have completed an excellent final degree (Master or equivalent) in a relevant field, such as Geographic Information Science, Geography, Computer Science, Information Science, or Geomatics;
  • have knowledge of or interest in network analysis, spatial analysis, statistics and/or data mining; basic programming and/or database skills and a willingness to develop these further;
  • have a very good standard of written and spoken English;
  • have a self-reliant working style but are able to contribute productively to collaboration in a team, and are not scared of interdisciplinary collaboration,

Then you should contact Martin Tomko ( )  with the following items:

  1. Cover letter stating WHY you want to work with me, and WHY you are the right candidate (list your achievements);
  2. Attach CV including English results (IELTS or TOEFL), your GPA and institutional ranking if available;
  3. Detailed undergraduate and postgraduate transcript.

Or just a friendly message to discuss the possibilities. More information at:


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