P5 presentation by Tim Nagelkerke: “Navigation to a human in motion by using points of interest”

P5 presentation by Tim Nagelkerke

Title: Navigation to a human in motion by using points of interest

Date and time: Monday 27 June 2016,  10:45
Location: Architecture, TU Delft, BK-CZ E

Synopsis: The current applications that support navigation all focus on the navigation from a user to a static destination. Navigation to a static destination is fine if the user wants to find a specific building or room. However, there are cases where it is necessary to get to a moving person as fast as possible. The current applications do not support navigation to a dynamic destination. This thesis has designed a conceptual system architecture to support navigation of a person to another person in motion. In this way, children, elderly, family, co-workers and friends that are needed could be found more quickly.

This research proposes the Semantically Enriched A* (SEA*) method, that combines the iterative A* algorithm and prediction points for the movement of the target, which are defined as points of interest, to navigate to a moving target. The concept is tested within the indoor and the outdoor environment.

Mentors: Sisi Zlatanova, Abdoulaye Diakité & Wilko Quak


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