Vacancy: Smart Cities 3 year position at UNSW


Level: Level A
Date: 4 April 2016
School/Unit: Built Environment
Faculty/Division: Built Environment
Location: UNSW Melbourne
Written by: Professor Xing Ruan

The Faculty of the Built Environment (BE) and the Australia India Institute (AII) are looking to recruit an exceptional scholar in the broad field of ‘sustainable smart cities and India’ to undertake three years of policy-relevant research on contemporary India as part of a new network of thinkers across Australia. In collaboration with the Director and CEO of the Australia India Institute, Professor Craig Jeffrey, the Director of Research and Academic Programmes of the Australia India Institute, and the Associate Dean International (Faculty of the Built Environment, UNSW) or his nominee, the New Generation Network (NGN) scholar will assist in the research initiatives of the BE and AII. The appointee will be provided with the opportunity and mentorship to build his or her own research profile. In addition the NGN scholar will collaborate in publications and be involved in AII and BE research and engagement activities. The scholar will also assist with the co-ordination of relevant symposia and engage in public outreach for BE and AII. There is an expectation that the NGN scholar will be involved in some Honours / postgraduate teaching, for example in the Asia-focused subjects offered by BE in its masters programs. The New Generation Network scholar in Sustainable SMaRT cities and India reports to the Director of Australia India Institute and to the Associate Dean International (BE) or his nominee.

Key Duties & Responsibilities – Direction 1: Sustainability
Multi-disciplinary research in the field of sustainable built environment with specific focus on ‘smart sustainable cities’ in the Asia-Pacific region (history, current state-of-play and future directions). Undertake research that informs and enhances policy response to economic, social and environmental challenges to design, implement and maintain smart cities. Undertake research and responses that acknowledge the interdependencies of physical, social and economic systems in framing effective policy action to secure and enhance climate resilience in the built environment.

Key Duties & Responsibilities – Direction 2: Big Data Analytics and Visualisation
The position should be focused on emerging technical skillsets required to support smart cities big data analytics and visualization. With the advent of Big Data, the Internet of Things, and advanced visualization capabilities there is a critical need to have such expertise work alongside planners, urban designers and architects who are tasked with the challenge of envisioning, designing and implementing sustainable smart cities of the future. Built Environment already has significant depth in these cognate disciplines and would benefit significantly with capability in advanced data analytics, visualization, computer programming and other such enabling technologies and techniques.

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