Geomatics Open Lecture Series

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Open Guest Lecture within the framework of course GEO1007 Geoweb Technology

Date and time: May 12th (10.45-12.30 hours)
Location: TU Delft, Architecture, BK-T
Title: Sensor Web – Cases from RIVM, Weather Station and Smart Emission Project (Nijmegen)
Speakers: Michel Grothe and Thijs Brentjens, Geonovum

We depend on geo-information, but do YOU know what it is?
The Geomatics lecture series is organized for students in order to make the importance of geo-information for our modern day society better known.
Geo-information is often invisible, but it controls the functioning of more technical devices than you would think.
For example, it provides the necessary information for safe navigation and the offshore industry, it enables dike deformation monitoring through satellites, 3D modelling for urban space management and building tunnels, and location based services such as TomTom and Google maps. It is also used for traffic monitoring, risk assessment of areas that are vulnerable to flooding, and for much more…

Abstract: In this Geomatics Open Guest Lecture the use of the sensor web will be illustrated with several practical examples. The basis of the sensor web is OGC’s family of Sensor Web Enablement Standards (SWE).  This family includes various standards among which are SensorML (Modelling Language) and SOS (Sensor Observation Service). How these SWE standards are applied and what are their benefits, becomes clear in the presented cases from RIVM, Weather Station and Smart Emission Project (Nijmegen).

For our 1st year Geomatics students this Open Guest Lecture is obligatory. So 1st year Geomatics students do not have to register. But also other participants are welcome. Please note that our lecture room has only a limited number of extra seats (around 10). So if you like to attend as well please inform our Secretariat ( before May 12th f.c. First come, first served!


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