Vacature Delft University of Technology – PhD: Social Technologies for a Responsible Digital Future


Locatie Delft
Functietypes PhD positions
Wetenschappelijke discipline Engineering
Uren 38,0 uren per week
Salaris maximaal € 2717
Werk-/denkniveau University Graduate
Vacaturenummer ATTBM15-026
About employer Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
Short link

Your PhD project will be part of a research community at Delft University of Technology that is part of an excellent EU research network and harnesses the potential of big data, the Internet of Things, and computational social science.
Research projects are related to the Nervousnet project and are all concerned with some aspect of participatory information systems, decentralised and participatory models of governance and crowd-sourced solutions. Projects could be related to new forms of social sensing, new reputation systems, new social coordination systems, new privacy-respecting technologies, gamification, augmented reality, interactive discovery, social and pluralistic information filtering, collective intelligence, online deliberation platforms, IoT-based real-time measurements of externalities, multi-dimensional value exchange systems, coordination or co-creation tools and other digital assistants, potentially using Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality approaches.
PhD candidates will be jointly supervised by Prof. Dirk Helbing (Delft University of Technology and ETH Zurich, initiator of the FuturICT and Nervousnet projects) in conjunction with Delft University of Technology staff.

PhD candidates should elaborate frameworks, theories, models, and tools, such as innovative data science approaches and data collection, analysis and visualisation platforms. Advanced skills in programming and formal methods are required, as well as great affinity for social and global issues, excellent English language skills, social skills, and team spirit. The candidates should appreciate an international and highly interdisciplinary environment.



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