Call for papers & abstracts: CFP Prague ISPRS meeting in July 2016


CFP Prague ISPRS meeting in July 2016 – deadlines & theme sessions

We are going to have several activities in the next ISPRS meeting in Prague.
The meeting is in July (12th to 19th) 2016.

Deadline for full papers is Nov 30th and for abstracts, it is 13th of
December. Call for papers & abstracts can be viewed here:

Note that we will have our regular geovisualization & virtual reality
sessions, and these two *theme* sessions:

1) ThS16: Perceptual and cognitive experiments with imagery, 3D models &
virtual reality

Keywords: Human factors, user experiments, fitness for use,
usability, visual analytics, visual complexity, vision,
perception, cognition, evaluations of information rich
visualizations, user studies with satellite images and hybrid
visualizations, user studies with 3D visualizations and virtual

2)  ThS17: Smart cities

Keywords: Geodesign, urban planning, visualization and spatial
analysis of urban phenomena, energy use, walkability, pollution,
health, infrastructure, population, aging

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