Management of massive point cloud data: wet and dry


Management of massive point cloud data: wet and dry

8 December 2015, 10-17 hours, TU Delft Berlage rooms, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment (Julianalaan 134, 2628 BL Delft)

In cooperation with: Nederlands Centrum voor Geodesie en geo-informatie, Oracle Gebruikersclub Holland, TU Delft and the Netherlands eScience Center.

Draft programme:

  • Rogier Broekman (Hydrografische Dienst) and Niels Nijhuis (Caris): From point cloud to bathymetric digital elevation model
  • Wilbert Brink (Fugro): Overview of techniques to collect subsea point cloud data
  • Edward Verbree (TU Delft): Connecting indoor and outdoor – Insight through explorative point clouds (MSc Geomatics Synthesis project)
  • Romulo Gonçalves (Netherlands eScience Center): Using MonetDB for managing point cloud data
  • Mike Horhammer and Albert Godfrind (Oracle): Oracle support options for point clouds
  • Theo Tijssen (TU Delft): Point cloud data management benchmark: Oracle, Postgres, MonetDB, and LAStools
  • Oscar Martinez Rubi (Netherlands eScience Center): The AHN2 3D web viewer and download tool
  • Martin Kodde (Fugro): Massive point cloud processing in the cloud
  • George Vosselman (University Twente): Automated extraction of 3D building models and street furniture from point clouds
  • Xuefeng Guan (Wuhan University, China): Parallel streaming Delaunay triangulation for LiDAR
  • Wiebe de Boer (Deltares): Using/dealing with point clouds in water management at Deltares
  • Dick ten Napel (RWS): Wet and dry point cloud acquisition and applications within RWS
  • Milan Uitentuis and Mark Terlien (IntellinQ): Managing and processing massive amounts of maritime point cloud data with GeolinQ
  • Bart de Lathouwer (OGC): Reporting from the OGC Point Cloud DWG

More information on the website NCG under ‘agenda’. There are no costs involved in the participation, but registration is obligatory (before 30 November 2015) via email with your name and organisation to


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