Call for Participation, AAG Special Sessions on Cognition, Visualization, and User Issues


International Cartographic Association (ICA) Commission on Cognitive Visualization in conjunction with the ICA Commission on Visual Analytics and the ICA Commission on Use, User, and Usability Issues, Amy Griffin (UNSW Canberra), Anthony Robinson (Penn State), and Kristien Ooms (UGhent)

We invite papers on spatial cognition, geovisual analytics, and usability/utility of geographic information systems to be included in a series of sessions at the 2016 Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting in San Francisco from March 29 – April 2. We welcome theoretical and empirical contributions exploring geocomputation, geovisualization, navigation and wayfinding, map use, user studies, and methodologies for designing, developing, and evaluating geographic information and tools that leverage geographic data.

Topics for these sessions include (but are not limited to):
~ geovisualization and visual analytics, implementation and use (technical and/or cognitive issues)
~ visualization, cognition, and use of uncertainty in decision making
~ application of geovisualization displays & tools to understanding spatial cognition
~ methods, techniques and tools for usability research
~ methods for and application of cognitive theories
~ human-geovisualization interaction and usability research
~ cognition of space-time representations
~ wayfinding and navigation: visualisation, usability and cognitive issues
~ cognitive map design research
~ user requirements for and usability of digital geographic displays

In addition to geographers, GIScientists, cartographers, and cognitive or behavioral geographers we also invite speakers from a broad range of disciplines, including psychology, cognitive science, education, HCI, etc.

To be considered for these sessions, please:
1. Register and submit your abstract online following the AAG Guidelines (
2. Email your presenter identification number (PIN), paper title, and abstract to Amy Griffin ( by October 25, 2015.


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