CycloMedia supplies accurately positioned images in combination with user friendly software that plugs into the existing customer GIS software applications. CycloMedia is the only player with proven ability to systematically capture, process and serve accurately georeferenced imagery on a nationwide scale using an integrated system covering the entire production chain. 



Automatic determination of Ground Level Offset 

CycloMedia’s recording equipment is being used on various vehicles. It is of utmost importance that the height of the camera over the ground surface is precisely known. You work on techniques that can automatically determine this Ground Level Offset very accurately.

Multi path elimination based on sky detection in images 

The recording position of Cycloramas is a.o. determined using GNNS based subsystems. Due to reflections on e.g. buildings of GNSS signals (‘multi-path’) the precision of the positions can be less accurate. You work on techniques to use image content to determine the directions to open sky and there from if certain GNSS signals have undergone reflections. These GNSS signals can then be discarded.

Trajectory matching for improvement of low-grade positioning information 

CycloMedia offers its customers an option to add self-made images to the image database. These image can come from e.g. a smartphone or an actioncam. The positional accuracy of these images is far less than CycloMedia’s Cycloramas. In this project you work on techniques to enhance the positional accuracy of these self-made images by matching the camera trajectory with available road geometry.

Motion and lens deblurring, (blind) deconvolution 

The sharpness of our imagery can become less than optimal due to movement of the camera system. You work on image processing techniques that can reduce such unsharpness.

Bump detection based on raw positioning info 

Our camera systems are equipped with motion sensors (accelerometers and gyroscopes) as a part of the positioning subsystem. This project aims at using the data from the motion sensors to determine road profiles, e.g. to detect speed bumps and railroad crossing curvatures.

Street Slide viewer for Cycloramas (as demonstrated by Microsoft) 

In our GlobeSpotter viewing software Cycloramas are displayed as ordinary panoramic pictures. In this project you design, build and test image processing software as well as a prototype viewer to visualize our image data in the form of a series of façade views, much alike Microsoft’s StreetSlide.

3D support for GlobeSpotter 

GlobeSpotter is CycloMedia’s viewing software platform for visualization of Cyclorama’s and nadir and oblique aerial images. You design, build and test an extension on GlobeSpotter that enables the visualization of textured 3D environs.

Automated object detection in Cycloramas 

Cycloramas are very well suited to measure coordinates and dimensions of objects. You design and build a prototype system that automatically can detect certain predefined objects and that determines their coordinates and dimensions.

Object detection and change detection in point clouds and/or textured meshes 

From Cycloramas and aerial images fully automatically point clouds can be generated. You design and build a prototype system that automatically detects differences between such point clouds generated from imagery from different years and filters those differences in order to find changes in predefined object types.

3D simulation / serious gaming using 3D reconstructed textured meshes from Cycloramas and aerial images 

From Cycloramas and aerial images fully automatically textured meshes can be generated. You design and build a prototype system that processes such data for use in 3D simulations and serious games.



User statistics Over the years, CycloMedia has captured a vast amount of panoramic image data that is being used by a large customer base. We would like to have a better understanding and thus analyze how the data is being used.

This project will use data mining concepts to generate such business intelligence.

Cloud optimizations 

CycloMedia’s data is hosted in the cloud. For an optimal user experience it is important that image retrieval and display is fast. In this project possibilities for further enhancements of the complete performance are investigated, both on server and client side.

Processing in the cloud 

Currently the raw images produced by CycloMedia’s recording systems are processed into panoramic images using dedicated, local servers. This project aims at finding optimal solutions to enhance performance and flexibility by performing specific processing tasks in the cloud.

Indoor capturing 

In this project you review possibilities for indoor panoramic recording, including techniques for positioning.

ActionCam integration 

In order to generate almost real time image data, in this project it is studied how ActionCam or GoPro cameras can be employed, both form a technological as a logistic point of view.

OpenStreetMap tool chain 

CycloMedia uses OpenStreetMap data as a backdrop for orientation purposes for customers using the GlobeSpotter web application. This project will provide a tool chain with which the process of adapting OpenStreetMap data will be more automated.

Online system configuration 

CycloMedia’s recording systems are connected online with our office systems. In this project both systems will be extended to enable relay of driving schedules, following progress of recording and relay of daily reports.

Accurate calibration tools 

Lenses and cameras in CycloMedia’s recording systems are being calibrated very accurately. This project produces tools that support these calibrations and where possible automates them.

Automated test environment Hosting 

CycloMedia’s data is used by various Geographic Information Systems (GIS) through web services. In this project you investigate how these systems actually use the web services. Next you set up automated tests that are used when releasing new versions of the web services to ensure the quality of these new web services.

Automated test environment Recording System Components 

CycloMedia’s recording systems consist of various components such as cameras, lenses, switches, computing units and custom cabling. You design and build tools with which these components can be tested and calibrated after manufacturing or maintenance.

Real-time geocoded video support in GlobeSpotter using mobile application (iOS/Android) 

GlobeSpotter is CycloMedia’s web application for retrieving and viewing Cyloramas, nadir and oblique aerial images and maps. Based on this environment you design, build and test an application for presentation of a real-time video stream generated e.g. by an iOS or Android device on the correct position within a Cyclorama.

3D engine support in GlobeSpotter (HTML5 WebGL) 

You design, build and test an extension on GlobeSpotter for visualization of 3D textured data.

Visualization of (real-time) simulations in GlobeSpotter using GeoRSS 

GlobeSpotter is CycloMedia’s web application for retrieving and viewing Cyloramas, nadir and oblique aerial images and maps. You design, build and test an extension on GlobeSpotter based on GeoRSS for simulation of environmental events on top of maps and Cycloramas.

Visualization of 3D textured meshes on mobile devices (iOS/Android) 

Currently we are able to fully automatically generate 3D textured meshes using Cycloramas only. You design, build and test a prototype application (client and server) to visualize this data on iOS and Android.

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