Geodesign Summit Europe 2015 : October 11-13, Salzburg, Austria


Citizen-Oriented Design Imagine the power of a “dashboard” view of the city’s power consumption and the ability to make informed design decisions with confidence.

Integrative Design Solve today’s complex problems using integrative design techniques that look at the whole picture.

Innovation See the latest in geodesign technology and best practices to help you create innovative solutions.

Smart(er) Cities Rapid feedback on the impact of your design decisions helps cities grow while protecting their heritage.

Get Inspired Network with colleagues, meet new people, and have stimulating conversations in a beautiful setting.


Architects, planners, designers, geographers, and landscape architects are invited to the Geodesign Summit Europe to discuss how this new way of design can help to mitigate the challenges as our world continues to change in unprecedented ways.

Participants will explore together how they, as geodesign professionals, can incorporate GIS into their discipline to build safer, smarter, and more resilient communities.

The upcoming event in Salzburg, with as motto ‘Geodesign: design for a complex world’, will emphasize on geodesign as a tool for collaborative planning and design, a method for helping to work across scales and disciplines to find design solutions that improve people’s lives and the environment.


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