International Conference on Applied Science «Geodesy, Cartography, Geoinformatics and Cadastre. From >idea to application», Saint Petersburg, Russia, November 11th ­ 13th, 2015


We cordially invite you to take part in the International Conference on Applied Science
«Geodesy, Cartography, Geoinformatics and Cadastre. From idea to application», which will
take place in Saint Petersburg on November 11 th – 13 th , 2015.
The main idea of the Сonference is to create a platform for experience exchanging and
presentation of research projects and innovation results.
We hope that the Сonference will bring together specialists and scientists from universities
and scientific research institutes, graduates, students, professionals from geodetic and cartographic
companies, vendors of geodetic, cartographic, GIS equipment and software and also those, who use
geodetic, cartographic and GIS technologies in their activities.
In the Сonference program:
– plenary meeting,
– sections work and workshops,
– seminar dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Sci. Tech., Professor V.G.
Collection of Сonference materials will be released.
Conference 2015 venue: Institute of Earth Sciences of Saint Petersburg State University (Saint
Petersburg, V.O., 10 th Line, 31-33) and National Mineral Resources University (Saint Petersburg,
V.O., Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment, 49).
Application forms for participation are accepted until November 1, 2015; abstracts
submission is opened until October 1, 2015. Arrangement fee is 2500 rubles, which can be
paid in situ on the first day of the Conference.
To get more information about Сonference program, terms and conditions and to apply for
the participation in the conference, please, visit our website You can
also contact us by e-mail: .

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