Students Presentations 3D modelling buildings in Delft| 4th March, 13:45-15:30, Architecture , room C

Delft oude kaart

Within the GEO1004 course, Geomatics students have worked on 3D models for the exhibition ‘Delft op de kaart’, which is organised by Prinsenhof and will be opened on 20th of March.

The idea with respect to the projects the students worked on, is to give the visitor more realistic impression of what was the life in the 17the century and now.  Several locations of Delft are of specific interest: Prinsenhof, the CityHall, Paardenmarkt, the old Tower and walls of the city.

The students worked on the following subjects:

  1. explosion of the Gunpowder storage in Minecraft
  2. realistic modelling of Paarden markt
  3. View of the 4  locations within GlobeSpotter
  4. The changes of Prinsenhof in the time
  5. The old walls and towers
  6. Walk in the point cloud of  Prinsenhof

The students will present their work on the 4th of March, from 13.45 until 15.30 at Architecture Room C. More information on the Exhibition will follow later.


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