CALL for PAPERS: The impacts of semantics on crowdsourced data quality, (ISSDQ 2015), Montpellier, France, Sept 28 to October 3, 2015

The impacts of semantics on crowdsourced data quality
A special session on crowdsourced data semantics has been accepted by the organizers of the  9th International Symposium on Spatial Data Quality (ISSDQ 2015) Montpellier, France, 28 Sept to 3 October, 2015.
The aim of the session is to showcase research on topics that bridge 2 critical research areas in relation to crowdsourced or citizen science data quality: the relative nature of spatial data quality and the impacts of differences between different contributors (volunteers, the crowd, citizen scientists etc) and the resulting variations in what they consider to be ’there’.
Submissions are invited describing research, both descriptive and methodological, that consider
  • the impacts of contributor background (e.g. socio-economic status, language, age, gender, education, etc.) on what is recorded
  • differences in semantics between different sources of crowdsourced data (e.g. Flickr tags vs Tweets)
  • the impact of technologies on what gets recorded (e.g. web vs mobile)
  • the impact of setting on the semantics used in crowdsourced data (e.g. data recorded in a landscape versus those elicited through computer-mediated experiments (e.g. CrowdFlower)
  • the impacts of environmental conditions on semantics in crowd-sourcing
Paper submissions
Submissions to this session should via the ISSDQ 2015 website will be accessible through:
The deadline for submission March 15th, 2015.
All papers will be peer-reviewed by at least three reviewers for originality, significance and relevance to conference theme.
Submissions are limited to 2000 words and the ISPRS Meeting Template should be used at
Lex Comber (University of Leicester:
Ross Purves (University of Zurich:
With the Cost Actions
TD1202: Mapping and the Citizen Sensor
IC1203: European Network Exploring Research into Geospatial Information Crowdsourcing (ENERGIC)

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