ID in a Day: February 13 2015


Come to ID in a Day! 

Are you ready to use your knowledge and creativity? Do you have brand new ideas for the future of Geo-spatial data? In that case: the Cadastre (Land Registry and Mapping Agency) en Rijkswaterstaat are looking for you!  The Cadastre is organising in coöperation with Rijkswaterstaat and SAGEO (Company for the labor market for Geo) for the 4th time ID in a Day! 

Date: Friday the 13th of February

Place: LEF Future Centre in Utrecht

Time: 8.45 am – 4.30 pm.

Get creative! 

On this day you are going to work with actual data from the Cadastre en Rijkswaterstaat. Based on a current case you will be working on a brand new, innovative idea which have to be pitched to a jury by the end of the day. Business companies are also invited this day to participate so there will be many opportunities to extend your network!

Short programme 

At the start of the day the three cases will be presented and explained. This will be followed by a brainstorm on each case. During the day the ideas will be finetuned and at the end of the day they will be presented. There will be an aword for the most innovative and best idea. At the end there will be a short drink to get to know each other better.

Make a choice! 

For this day there are three cases to choose from:

1) Repression of disasters, a coöperation with different emergency services after a disaster. How can Geo-information support the emergency services?;

2) International coöperation (INSPIRE). In this case the subject is how to communicate and coöperate with emergency services cross-border. What is the role of Geo-information?

3) Improving environment. In this case the subject are disasters and the role of the citizen within it.

Please let us know which case you prefer.

We will try to take this into account.

Are you enthusiastic? 

Do you want to use your knowledge and creativity?

Sign up for ID in a Day by the following link:

For any questions please contact Rozemarijn Karkdijk ( After registration you will receive more information .

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