ATHENS programme spring 2015


Twice a year you have the opportunity to follow a one-week intensive course, organised by several European Universities. This programme is called the ATHENS programme (Advanced Technology Higher Education Network, Socrates). Each course also boasts its own social programme. You can earn 2 or 3 ECTS* and the ATHENS compensation of €100,- as a contribution to the travel abroad. The next ATHENS session is held from 15 to 22 March 2014.

The application period for students interested in participating has started the last week of December.Please notice that the application deadline at TU Delft is on Friday Monday 24 January 2014. Enclosed you will find a general A4-information, the same information will be found at Please note that in case you apply you have to get permission of the Exam Committee. Please contact Sisi Zlatanova in this respect. Your application has to be signed by one of the staff members of our International Office.In case you apply please send a pdf of your signed application form to More information on the courses and participating universities can be found here.

The pdf with information: ATHENS A4 MARCH.


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