PRESENTATION BY Marija Krūminaitė “Space Subdivision for Indoor Navigation”, NOVEMBER 7, 15.00, ROOM P, ARCHITECTURE, TU DELFT


Analysis of current indoor navigation systems shows that the existing indoor models for navigation lack the indication of special areas with respect to human perception of the environment which results in coarse descriptive location information and inefficient navigation path. Therefore, in this research the conceptual model for determination of functional areas with abstract borders within indoor space was developed in order to improve navigation, localization and guidance services in indoor navigation systems. The proposed model was tested in two buildings. Two step indoor space subdivision was performed. Firstly, semantic indoor space partitioning was implemented by determining separate functional areas with respect to human perception of the environment. Secondly, the geometric space subdivision was performed to build navigation model. The validity of the model was inspected carrying out site observations.
Research was conducted by connecting two different disciplines. Current developments in the geomatics field and studies focused on human behaviour and perception of the environment were investigated. The findings of the research suggest that it has contributed to the existing research on indoor navigation systems by providing empirically supported model for indoor space subdivision. The validation results show that the proposed model can exclude areas that cannot be used for walking. Complex indoor structure and presence of people within indoor environment are taken into account when deriving the navigation paths. Therefore the research provides basis for the conceptualisation of indoor space in order to provide more realistic abstraction of the environment for navigation and localization purposes.


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