First Year Students to Intergeo 2014


In addition to the lectures and assignments the 1st year MSc Geomatics students are enabled to visit the largest Geomatics event in the world right away in the second month after start. Intergeo takes annually place in October always in a city in Germany; this year in the capital of the country – Berlin – from 7-9 October. 19 Students participated. The excursion aims to give students the opportunity to get acquainted with the broad spectrum of sensing technologies and geo-data processing software in the short time span of just two days. As the students come from a variety of international universities, including USA, Germany, Greece and France, the Intergeo event is also an excellent and exciting opportunity for team building. Thanks to courses on geodata acquisition and the principles of GIS the students were sufficiently equipped to absorb the technology. Added to this, the excursion enables students to come in touch with the geomatics industry from all around the world (China, Canada, US, Europe etc.) and to network.  The visit is supervised by the responsible lecturer of GEO1001. To increase the efficiency of the visit, he provides guided tours along the booths, explains the working of instruments, devices and software and asks for demonstrations. Reports on the excursion are among others published in the worldwide Geomatics magazine GIM International.


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