Symposium Geomatics Synthesis Project 2014, October 31 14:00, Theatre, Unit Culture, TU Delft


Whether in leisure time, during work or study or on the go, almost everybody uses a smart phone, tablet, notebook or another clever device that can be connected to the internet via WiFi access points. Intercepting the request to be connected or to stay connected is enough to determine the location of these devices. As devices are often close to the owner, this makes it also possible to determine the whereabouts from students, employees, customers, museum visitors, and many more target groups.

Within the scope of the MSc Geomatics Synthesis Project, three groups of five students investigate the possibilities of determining location based on WiFi monitoring and applying this information. The first group focusses on a ‘Rhythm of the Campus’ dashboard: showing the movement patterns of students and employees of the TU Delft. The second group develops a ‘Catch my Colleague’ Android-application on a flex-work space in the  ‘De Rotterdam’, the building of the municipality of Rotterdam. The third group creates Harry Potters ‘Marauders Map’ to put the visitors of the GeoFort on a map in real time.

During this project, all aspects of WiFi monitoring are treated: the best location of WiFi scanners, processing the data to an area in which the device is present, efficiently and cartographically presenting the whereabouts and exploring the laws and regulations with respect to privacy in this technology.

Anyone interested in this technology and the applications is very welcome on the closing Geomatics Synthesis Project Symposium on Friday afternoon the 31st of October in the Cultural Centre from the TU Delft, Mekelweg 10.


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