Call for Submissions:Tracking and Imaging issue of ISPRS international journal of Geo Information

Screenshot from 2014-10-16 11:42:09

The ISPRS Tracking and Imaging Challenge 2014 (TIC’14) has inspired research between academic communities such as computer vision, photogrammetry, spatial computing, robotics and GIScience. With TIC’14 finished, we are now inviting openly papers adhering to the TIC’14 specifications for a special issue of the Special Issue of the ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information.
TIC’14 required that two types of data are linked in innovative ways, namely trajectory data as it is captured for example from mobile positioning sensors, smart cards, or e-tags, and image data as it is captured for example from tourist photos on Flickr, smartphones, CCTV, or car mounted cameras. You may even think of wearable computing. Only two conditions were imposed:

  • The presented solution must fundamentally require both types of data, i.e., cannot be realized with one data set alone.
  • The set task must demonstrate strong and novel benefits from integrating these two data set

More information can be found in the here.


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