Blog of the Synthesis project DaRen

Blog of the Synthesis project DaRen

DaRen is the first project from the Joint Research Center of TU Delft and Wuhan University. Students of MSc Geomatics will experiment with a 3D indoor navigation system for the Provincial Museum of Hubei in China, combining the newest techniques.

The overall goal of the project is to demonstrate the potential of 3D indoor navigation systems and raise awareness of the possibilities provided by the technology for every-day users. This goal is going to be achieved by creating 3D multi-purpose indoor navigation application named DaRen (derived from Chinese words Da “intelligence, accessibility” and Ren “people”) for the Hubei Provincial Museum. The modelling of an application includes implementation of indoor positioning system and its incorporation in a semantic 3D building model. The application will allow the visitors to navigate their way through a complex indoor environment while providing them detailed descriptions of the exhibits and other important information.

You can follow the project through its blog or its Facebook page.


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