Guest Lecture: Geoinformation within Registers in Iceland


On Tuesday 26th March 2013, Tryggvi Már Ingvarsson, Manager of GeoInformation Department at the Registers Iceland, and our MSc Geomatics alumnae, held a open guest lecture titled “in context to European cooperation and INSPIRE”.

As an island, centred on the diverging boundaries between North-American and Eurasian tectonic plates, Iceland has not put international cooperation in sharing geo-data high on its priority list; collecting, maintaining and defining these data sets within this largely uninhabited and dynamic island has alone been a quite a problem. However, Iceland is progressing.

The lecture introduced the main geo-data sets within Iceland, in context to implementation of INSPIRE, with emphasize on those datasets that are maintained and defined/modelled within Registers Iceland, i.e. cadastre, structures and addresses. In the end a few examples on how data are accessed and utilized in daily work had been be given, using open-source solutions to withhold data independency and to minimize costs.


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